“Work Me Out”

By  JONA NANETTE   /  Aug 14, 2019  

If you’ve been watching my stories on Facebook, you already know I got a thing for a new guy at the gym. It’s not just because he is FINE (it actually is JUST because he is fine cause I don’t really know much else about him but everybody always says that so I just thought I should too.) Well, today we had our first real conversation. 

I should back up and go back to the beginning for those of you who are completely lost right now. I have began going to the gym before I go to work, so I usually get there around 5 A.M. (had to capitalize A.M. so you would know it’s not a game lol). Well, about a week ago I was sitting in my car (at 5 A.M.) and decided to do a video before I went in cause for some reason, that morning was a real “push” for me. I basically was like “this is for the birds…I’m tired Sweet Jesus…I want to go home.” Well, Jesus must’ve heard me and knew I needed a push. He also knows what motivates me lol. I went inside and, low and behold, this beautiful young man I had never seen before was sitting at the desk. His face was golden like the sun; he had the face of Trevor Jackson and the body of Channing Tatum. His smile though is what got me. I immediately did another video cause when you’ve been blessed, you MUST testify about it!  

But back to this morning. I’ve noticed that he had tried to make small talk with me before, but when it’s 5 A.M., my mind isn’t alert like it usually is.  Anyway, today he finally decided to start a conversation with me AFTER I got through working out; by now I was wide awake lol and I even made him burst out laughing several times, so I think we’re off to a good start. Don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but today was alright with me. 

I think I’m going to take this mindset and use it from here on out. If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you know that the last few years hasn’t been that great for me when it comes to love. I’ve had WAAAAY more losses than I have had wins, but today, I’m starting AFRESH! I’m cleansing my spirit from all past relationships and the weight they left on my shoulders. I choose to look forward to what could be and no longer focus on what was. I choose to renew my mind, my body, and my spirit so that I can finally receive what I have been praying for. Will this young man be my dream come true? Who cares? I’m enjoying what he is for me now, and that is hope! 

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