“Can You Stand To Be Chosen?”

Everyone wants to be chosen, but can you stand to be broken? Can you stand to go thru the process of being rejected by those you love? Can you stand to hear the slanderers criticize you and sling mud on your name? And can you stand by your brother or your sister as they are going thru the same? Parents, will you stand by your kids even if they’re not “perfect”? Children can you forgive your parents for not being perfect? Wives, can you stand by your husbands thru the shame; Husbands can you stand by your wives thru the pain? Cause if you can’t stand during the process of being broken, you will never be chosen; because its only in brokenness that we can clearly see God!

“The Lord is near the broken hearted; He saves those who are crushed in spirit”. Psalms 34:18

So…Don’t refuse to be broken because God is just molding you, reshaping you to be in His image. But again I ask, can you stand to be broken? I would say yes. God has promised to be close to the broken hearted, and he who has a contrite spirit, God has promised that He will not despise. In Jeremiah 3:14 God says He’s married to the backslider. He also said thieves come to steal and destroy, but I HAVE COME so that sinners might have life, and life more abundantly. He doesn’t want perfect people. He wants you. God isn’t looking for a perfect vessel! He’s looking for an empty vessel so that He can fill you up! He’s looking for someone that’s not trying to prove how saved they are so that God can use them! But He is looking for someone who would crawl their way to the altar…thru their mess, thru their dirt, thru their shame and say I WILL SETTLE FOR THE CRUMBS THAT FALL OFF YOUR TABLE, LORD! He’s looking for someone BROKEN, YET CHOSEN! Hurt, but still chosen. Wounded, but still chosen. Limping, but still chosen. Almost gave up, but still chosen. A mess, but still chosen! Framed, but still chosen! Guilty, but STILL CHOSEN! A perfect God doesn’t need PERFECT VESSELS! Only available ones! That’s who gets chosen! The ones who hold on when everybody else let’s go! When the Job’s wife of your life tells you to just CURSE GOD AND DIE, but something inside of you says THOUGH HE SLAY ME, YET will I trust HIM!  

No matter what sin you have committed, God loves you. No matter how far you have fallen, God loves you. No matter who or what you’re sleeping with, God loves you! No matter what “they” know about you, GOD LOVES YOU! No matter who left you…GOD LOVES YOU! No matter what YOU’VE DONE, GOD LOVES YOU! Nothing or no one can separate you from God’s love! NOTHING! 

Why? Cause, you’re chosen! 

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