“What Are You Expecting”

By Jona Nanette August 27, 2019

Sometimes…when we get disappointed in God (and people), we lose our faith. I’ve heard many well meaning ministers of the gospel tell people that their “expectations” were why they
were hurt, so we need to stop expecting things to happen and we won’t get hurt.

Good theory…but it’s unbiblical…

FAITH is the substance of things HOPED FOR…the evidence of things NOT SEEN.

Hope is what causes us to EXPECT that thing we cannot see…So…EXPECTANCY is the result of us BELIEVING and HOPING. So to expect something to happen is the literal definition of FAITH!
When we eliminate expectancy, we are actually eliminating Faith…and who do we have faith in?

See where I’m going?

Yeah it didn’t work out…I’m so sorry.

They hurt you…Yeah, that’s messed up.


There’s a difference in “I believe even if He doesn’t do it” and “He doesn’t have to do it but I still believe”. Ummm…what exactly are you believing in the second one? You’re actually doubting Him and without FAITH it’s impossible to please God. Fear is as strong as faith and whatever you believe will happen. Maybe that’s why you’re constantly disappointed. Only His Word will stand after the fire. We have to stand on faith and submit our will to His so anything He didn’t say or approve will get burned away. Even your doubt and fears. Stop hindering God because people hurt you. Keep expecting! Keep hoping! Keep believing and WATCH HIM MOVE!

Be easy fam! #hope #peace #love #andEXPECT

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