Unconditional Love

So many of us want to receive Unconditional Love, and that’s cool. Funny thing is though, you will never know if a person’s love for you is unconditional, until you realize it isn’t. The fact is, Unconditional Love is NOT just loving someone or accepting someone in spite of their flaws. It’s not just an emotion or a feeling. True Unconditional Love is an ACTION! That’s why it’s “unconditional”… because I’m going to still DO what I said I was going to do, DESPITE outside circumstances.

When you make me mad, I’m still coming home.

I made vows to you, so I forsake all others.

I love you as myself, so I won’t belittle, demean, hurt or abuse you, your body, your spirit, your heart, or your trust.

I discipline myself so that my actions line up with my vows.

I forsake momentary temptation for a lifetime of commitment.

I trust that you are doing the same, but even if you don’t, my love remains the same.

Simply put, Unconditional Love isn’t what’s received, it’s what’s GIVEN. God our Father is the only One who truly gives Unconditional Love, and what did He do? “For God so loved the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever shall believe in Him will NOT perish but have everlasting life.” Stop looking to receive Unconditional Love and start looking to GIVE it! So my question is…What will you give up to get the love you so desperately want to receive? So many of us want to find someone to love us just as we are, but the way we are actually may limit us in finding what we’re searching for. Let God do the work IN YOU so that YOUR LOVE becomes pure and complete, and not just full of empty words and promises. Your actions, sacrifices, and yes, even motives are what makes YOUR love unconditional. So the next time you ask God to give you Unconditional Love, realize that His answer may be to get your own heart right, so you can BE the Unconditional Love you so desperately want to receive.


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