Count Your Blessings

Life. It gets better.

One year ago I was recovering from one of the lowest moments in my life. This year I’ve lost so much, yet I’m actually living in one of the best moments of my life. But what if I had given up last year? What if I had thrown in the towel and said, “well..that’s enough of this…I’m out.” Not only would I have not received the many blessings I now have, but I also would not have been given the many disappointments and the lessons they brought and those lessons made me stronger and wiser. 

My challenge to you today is to not run away from the hard lessons. They may be difficult to endure, but not only can they be life changing, they can also be LIFE SAVING! Living a life of apathy, or worse yet, choosing not to live at all, is giving up right before it gets good. I know some of you may be saying “but Jai, my life gets worse and worse instead of better, so I doubt its going to get good.” To that I say:

1). Are you repeating patterns and habits that end in destruction, praying that this time it won’t?

2) If you aren’t engaging in destructive patterns, yet life keeps giving you lemonade, have you learned to make lemonade yet? (Are you learning the lesson?)

3) If it isn’t 1 or 2 that just means you either need to open your eyes to the good stuff happening in your life  that you may be blind to, or God is just saving the best for last when it comes to you.

Most times us being miserable is based on only ONE or TWO things that we have allowed to consume our whole life and outlook. Maybe God doesn’t want to change the situation. Maybe the thing He wants to change is YOU and how you handle disappointment because He knows that if you can’t manage hurt, you probably won’t be a good manager of the blessing you are waiting on. Sometimes because we haven’t received “THAT BLESSING” we start blocking out all the other blessings that come our way. That is the purest form of ungratefulness, and that’s the quickest way to block your blessing…even “THAT ONE”. So again I reiterate to COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS and not your woes! Making permanent decisions based on momentary pain is not only not wise, but also discounts the beautiful things (and people) already in your life. 


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