Story time! #TBT

I always remember the day I moved to Texas. We were driving in Louisiana, near Baton Rouge, and there was like a one hour delay on the interstate. My brother, who was driving the moving van in front of me, called me and said he wanted to do a detour through the city. I said ok and followed him off the exit. As I was driving through Baton Rouge, I was looking around and noticing all the buildings and houses (y’all know I love architecture and design. Just the way certain buildings are created will keep me mesmerized for hours.) Anywho, I said to myself: “One day Jona, you’re going to move from Montgomery to a city like this…”

As I was driving to San Antonio 🤦🏾‍♀️!

I felt the Lord tap me on the shoulder in the spirit and was like “Ummm…that’s literally what you’re doing right now!” It hit me like a ton of bricks…I WAS MOVING TO SAN ANTONIO! I was FLOORED! I was in a car driving to my new home in Texas, but in my mind, I was still back in Montgomery. My position had changed but my mind had not!

I’m preaching good if don’t nobody say Amen! 

Even when God chooses to bless us or changes our position, if our minds are still stuck back at the place where we used to be, we won’t even see how far we’ve come. That’s why the Bible talks about our minds being renewed (daily) by the reading of the Word, so we can see what God is doing, WHEN He is doing it. I don’t know about you, but never again do I want to be in the middle of my blessing, and still feel bound to what God has already delivered me from!

Have a blessed Thursday! 

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